Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
No one would expect Oracle to install Oracle and walk away. We are not MySQL, nor MS Access.

Then why are you complaining about having to disable autovacuum after
each installation?

Because my hands hurt and I can't find my gloves. My back hurts (see the previous post about 135mph car crash), I have a huge headache and I am in a generally pissy mood.

I am human, I am allowed :)

But on a serious note, the problem I run into is exactly the opposite. Someone will turn on autovacuum because they thought it was a good idea and for their work load, it isn't. So instead of creating new and interesting ways to allow their database to be more efficient, I am dealing with snafu's created by my own community.

Leaving autovacuum on will cement the idea that it *should* be on and IMHO it shouldn't without specific and careful planning.


Joshua D. Drake

It may just be me, but I see as a lot easier to disable autovacuum than
to write the necessary cron jobs if it's disabled.


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