I've send the comment below to the documentation page about CREATE
FUNCTION, but it got (rightfully) rejected, since it doesn't really
add up to the discussion and is more of a request about syntax.  So,
here it goes:

Sorry, but "datetime" vs "timestamp with time zone"?!  And what about
the whole function text between $$'s?  Yes, better than the '' of some
time ago, since we don't have to put string literals in the function
text between '''''s! still...

Why are open-source developers so masochist?  I want to use
PostgreSQL, Linux, Python and others in the firm I work at, but I this
way I can't really sell them the idea of moving on to something which
is harder, clunkier and less supported than Oracle or M$SQL...

Right now we're moving from M$SQL to Oracle and this is why I came
here, to see how things are going.  Well, i guess i'll try again in
five years or so.

Please, take this as constructive criticism, since i'm a proud
open-source supporter... i would gladly use PostgreSQL at work,
clunkier syntax or not, but it's otherwise difficult to sell it to my
Windows-minded coworkers...

best regards

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