well, ain't that surprising to see so many open-source developers
living in denial and sugestions to RTFM rather than actually coping
wth the problem?  are you to be taken seriously?

As a C programmer, I'm in the same league as most of you guys, so
while i can really contribute code and my talk is cheap, it's the best
i can do:  bug you with feature requests.


On 9/15/06, Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Where is the mention of either of these on the CREATE FUNCTION page?


And anyway, what is your actual complaint?

my complaint is that, like i said, "timestamp with time zone" is no
good substitute for a simple "datetime".  Here, someone suggested a
CREATE DOMAIN to create an alias for it.  Why isn't it provided there
out-of-the-box by default?  So you have the SQL standard timestamp and
the industry standard datetime.

and, while $$ is a whole lot better than '', why do we really need
these?  Why not a normal, simple, begin end block or {}?  People in
the industry don't like hacks and the open-source world is full of it,
though it's getting better.

I think this is all valid criticism, but you wanna play deaf, that's
up to you guys.  cheers

and Tom, i don't really want a GUI:  psql's use of GNU readline
autocompletion is far better than M$'s stupid Query Analizer standard
editor and matching it up with vim gets better yet.

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