> > (I seem to have something funky in my cvs repo in general - doing a 
> > cvs diff gives me a *huge* diff for files like gram.c that 
> I thought 
> > weren't supposed to be in cvs at all. Any ideas on why that 
> would be? 
> > (I'm rsync:ing to a local repository and then running against that 
> > one))
> Hm, gram.c once was in CVS, years ago ... but I don't know 
> why you'd be seeing anything about it now.

That's kinda what baffles me as well...

if I look into my cvs repository directory, it shows only gram.y,v, with
gram.c,v in Attic - which seems to make sense. Must be my client that's
gone crazy. In fact, mmy output ends up as:

Index: src\backend\parser/gram.c
RCS file: c:/prog/cvsrepo/pgsql/pgsql/src/backend/parser/Attic/gram.c,v
retrieving revision 2.90
diff -c -r2.90 gram.c
*** src\backend\parser/gram.c   7 May 1999 01:22:54 -0000       2.90
--- src\backend\parser/gram.c   14 Sep 2006 06:10:08 -0000

So I guess the question is down to why the hell it's looking at the
attic file at all. When I run cvs update on it, I get things like:

cvs.exe update: Updating src\backend\parser
M src\backend\parser/gram.c
cvs.exe update: use `cvs.exe add' to create an entry for

which is kinda weird, because gram.c is in .cvsignore.


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