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On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 11:12:14AM -0400, D'Arcy J.M. Cain wrote:
The benefit of the money type is speed.  Because internal operations
are done on integers they can generally be handled by single CPU ops.
My tests on the 64 bit version show 10% to 25% improvement over numeric
for many operations.

Has anyone looked at changing numeric so that for numbers with less than 9 digits it stores/uses an int, and for between 10 and 18 digits it uses a bigint? Perhaps that would net every numeric user a speed improvement.

Would that pose indexing issues? It would also mean that when joining two tables you'd have to handle some interesting type conversion issues (at times). We had someone accidentally create a largish table with userid as "numeric" and other tables are "bigint", it was disastrous for performance (joining). I'd imagine that if the above wasn't done cleverly, that performance problem would be repeated.

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