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> I'm not sure about 'money' in general but these claims of great
> performance improvments over numeric just don't fly so easily with me.
> numeric isn't all *that* much slower than regular old integer in the
> tests that I've done.

Part of the problem is the *size* of Numeric.  I've just looked for
something that describes the size of a Numeric and I saw an old post that
  10 + x/2 bytes

So, a minimum of 10 bytes (compared to the 8 proposed for money64) plus
scale (x) divided by two.

Currently on the TPC-H benchmark, Postgres requires 1.7 times the amount of
internal database storage as what is in the ASCII data file representation.
Oracle and MSFT SQLServer are almost 1:1.  Part of this fluff is the 24
bytes of tuple header, part of it is in the Numeric.

- Luke

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