I see the following items standing between us and putting out 8.2beta1:

* Set client encoding based on OS environment - Peter E.

I'm not sure whether Peter is intending to complete this item for 8.2
or not, but if it's to be done it ought to be done before we start beta.

* The contrib/userlock replacement issue

We have three possible choices for this: do nothing, install a
bug-compatible, allegedly-clean-room implementation in contrib:
or put a hopefully-cleaner design into core, eg per my suggestions here:
I favor the third alternative, mainly because by changing the API
we remove all doubt as to whether any "intellectual property"
remains from the original GPL'd code.  However, we've got to make up
our minds and get on with it.

* AIX linking issues

This isn't necessarily a beta-stopper, but it'd be nice to get it done
so we can be sure that any beta testing done on AIX will test the

* Documentation: VALUES-list docs and release notes

Must-do so that beta testers will know what there is to test.

There are other open items on Bruce's list but none of them seem to
me to be must-fix-before-beta.

I do not know the status of the client-encoding change, but I think we
could get all the other items done tomorrow.  I propose that we try to
wrap these things and ship beta1 Tuesday or Wednesday.  Sitting around
waiting is not a productive use of time, especially when it seems that
many people's attention has already moved on to 8.3 development ideas.

Personally I'm willing to commit to making the VALUES-list docs and
userlock replacement code happen tomorrow.  Bruce seems to be close
on the release notes, and if the other two items aren't ready, well,
beta1 can ship without 'em.


                        regards, tom lane

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