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"Jim C. Nasby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Then we should change autovacuum so that it stays out of the way when
tables are being vacuumed frequently enough via an external means.

What makes you think it doesn't do that already? Of course, it has its
own ideas about what "frequently enough" is, but it won't re-vacuum a
table that's been vacuumed within that interval.

Oh, I'd forgotten that autovac looked at manual vacuums too.

While I personally don't really want autovac on in my development
environment, I find it hard to deny the argument that it ought to be
on by default.  If you know enough to set up a cron job to do your own
vacuuming schedule, you *certainly* know enough to turn off autovac
if you don't want it, or better dial it down to the point where it's
just an emergency backstop for your cron job. If you don't know enough
to turn off autovac, then you need it on.

And while we're certainly not "MS Access", it's worthwhile to make things easy for newbies when it doesn't get in the way of the pros. It's certainly not hard to disable autovac, and anyone who's actually tuning an install is going to be tweaking stuff in postgresql.conf anyway...
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