Jonah H. Harris wrote:
> On 9/21/06, Josh Berkus <> wrote:
> >So, are you saying that you already have code?
> Yes.
> >If not, care to open up the process?  We have others interested in
> >contributing.
> We'll be opening it in the next few weeks.  A large majority of it is
> working but we want to solidify the design and current issues before
> releasing it for comment and suggestion.

I don't understand why anybody thinks this makes any sense.  You know,
if I could post the Mammoth Replicator code for comment, I'd do it as
soon as possible, design flaws and coding bugs included.  It would help
me get early feedback on dumb or bright decisions, so that I don't waste
time pursuing fixes that are not invasive enough, or that are too

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