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Sounds fine, but announcing this now is almost certain to reduce the
number of people migrating to 8.2.  I am not saying we shouldn't
announce it now, but it is something I wanted to mention.
Err right - if you had said this yesterday when we discussed the idea I
could have mentioned it in my message. Right around the time you said
"Go for it" would have been good :-)

I didn't think of it until today.  Sorry.  Personally, I don't like
manipulating people by withholding information, so I still think we are
doing the right thing.  I am just saying it might have that effect.

They will upgrade if they want the new features, as usual. I had dinner with 3 significant users yesterday and mentioned to them the new facility to add or drop inheritance on tables, and their reaction was along the lines of "When can I have it? I want it now!" They won't be deterred by the fact that the next dev cycle will be a bit shorter.



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