Tom Lane wrote:

So ReadBuffer without hesitation zeroes out the page of data we just
filled, and returns it for re-filling.  There went some tuples :-(

Although this is clearly Not Our Bug, it's annoying that ReadBuffer
falls into the trap so easily instead of complaining.  I'm still
disinclined to try to change the behavior of mdread(), but what I am
considering doing is adding a check here to error out if not PageIsNew.
AFAICS, if we do find a buffer for a page supposedly past EOF, it should
be zero-filled because that's what mdread returns in this case.  So this
change would prevent Dan's silent-overwrite scenario without changing the
behavior for any legitimate case.

Thoughts, problems, better ideas?

The check looks good - are we chasing up the Linux kernel (or Suse) guys to get the bug investigated?



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