> >   Anyhow, don't know if there's really a good solution but 
> it'd be nice
> >   to only get one warning, or one of a given type, or 
> something, and 
> > to
> Except that one warning would not be accurate, because the 
> warning is per tuple. How is postgresql going to know that 
> the warning applies to the same set of data but just a 
> different tuple?

If it's going to roll back the entire load after that one warning, it
should terminate there.

This is a common problem with OLAP and based on the observation here,
this needs to be fixed.  Not being able to cancel out at this point is
even worse, can you imagine the frustration of trying to load 10GB of
data and having to wait until the end after seeing these warnings, while
knowing that you're just going to have to try again anyway?

Eventually we'll implement single row error handling, but even then
there should be a selectable behavior to terminate the load on the first

- Luke

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