> > subject says it all. pg_regress starts "postmaster" (pg_regress.c, 
> > line 1515). Shouldn't this be "postgres" these days?
> No.  We're a very long way away from considering removing the 
> postmaster symlink, so it doesn't matter.

Well, per previous discussion, we're removing postmaster.exe from the
win32 installer, because it bloats the distribution wihtout any gain
(remember - windows doesn't have symlinks, so we need a complete copy of
a file that's 4Mb or so). So it would matter there.

> > Actually, a second thought given that I was just bitten by the 
> > run-tests-as-admin-doesn't-work - should we use pg_ctl to start it?
> No, not unless you'd like to break pg_regress's ability to 
> kill the postmaster --- we need the postmaster to be the 
> direct child process.

D'oh, forgot about that. Nevermind about that part then. 


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