Teodor Sigaev wrote:
current default of 1000 pages (8Mb) seems really pretty silly for modern
machines; we could certainly set it to 10 times that without problems,
and maybe much more.  Thoughts?

May be, set by default effective_cache_size equal to number of shared buffers? If pgsql is configured to use quarter or half of total memory for shared buffer, then effective_cache_size will have good approximation...

Initdb does not currently make any attempt to discover the extent of physical or virtual memory, it simply tries to start postgres with certain shared_buffer settings, starting at 4000, and going down until we get a success.

max_fsm_pages is now fixed proportionally with shared_buffers, and I guess we could do something similar with effective_cache_size, but since IIRC this doesn't involve shared memory I'm inclined to agree with Tom that it should just be fixed at some substantially higher level.



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