Zdenek Kotala wrote:
I'm playing with catalog upgrade via BKI format. I enhanced the pg_dump of BKI output (not patch ready yet). I'm using it for some test now, but I think It should be useful for some one other, for example some application with embedded postgres should use own prepared BKI for database init (with small enhancement in bootstrap mode) and this option should help to prepare a BKI script from application template database.

Let me know your meaning about integration this enhancement into the pg_dump.

I am not clear how this is an enhancement. The BKI file is a purely internal bootstrap mechanism, and I do not see any good reason to make pg_dump have any knowledge of it at all. pg_dump is already horribly complex (of necessity, to some extent, because it has to embody knowledge of previous releases). Anything that increases the complexity is to be avoided.

In any case, surely the whole point about upgrading would be to do it without bootstrapping a new location.



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