Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I'm playing with catalog upgrade via BKI format. I enhanced the pg_dump of BKI output (not patch ready yet). I'm using it for some test now, but I think It should be useful for some one other, for example some application with embedded postgres should use own prepared BKI for database init (with small enhancement in bootstrap mode) and this option should help to prepare a BKI script from application template database.

This seems utterly useless :-(

The BKI file format was never designed to be general purpose --- as an
example, I do not believe it can cope with quotes or newlines embedded
in data values.  So as a target for pg_dump it's quite unsatisfactory.

"\n" works fine for new line, but you have right that there should be more dangerous characters.

Nor do I see a particularly good reason why add-ons would need to get
into the catalogs at the bootstrap stage, rather than using more
conventional, much easier-to-use SQL commands to add objects later
during initdb.

Yes, You have right, It is much better.

So "let's improve BKI" sounds like an exercise in
time-wasting, also.

Yes, I agree with you. Thanks for the answer.


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