Hi I'm a student from Valencia-Venezuela and I'm working with some
other friends to make PostgreSQL allows the definition of Temporal
Databases and their respective Selection, Insertion and some other
functions needed to treat this paradigm  (all based in TSQL2 Query

Right now we are working directly on the source code and making
different changes during the day, so I'd like to ask you which is the better
choice for re-building (I'm not sure if that is the right term) only the code
files that I just have changed.

I'm working on a Slow PC with not to many recourse, so every time I
make (-configure/-make/-make-install/) i lose like 30 minutes of work,
and I have been thinking in some other way to only re-configure the files
I've recently changed.

Thanks anyway. I'll be waiting for your answer...

Luis D. García M.
Telf: 0414-3482018

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