luis garcia wrote:
> Hi I'm a student from Valencia-Venezuela and I'm working with some
> other friends to make PostgreSQL allows the definition of Temporal
> Databases and their respective Selection, Insertion and some other
> functions needed to treat this paradigm  (all based in TSQL2 Query
> Language).
> Right now we are working directly on the source code and making
> different changes during the day, so I'd like to ask you which is the better
> choice for re-building (I'm not sure if that is the right term) only the
> code
> files that I just have changed.
> I'm working on a Slow PC with not to many recourse, so every time I
> make (-configure/-make/-make-install/) i lose like 30 minutes of work,
> and I have been thinking in some other way to only re-configure the files
> I've recently changed.

You don't need to configure each time.  Just do a "make ; make install",
and that will only compile the files you changed.  Be sure to use
the --enable-depend option to configure the first time, though.

You'd only need to mess with "configure" if you added directories, or
you changed configure input files (e.g. pg_config.h,, etc).

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