On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Tom Lane wrote:

Jeff Frost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Interestingly, I receive the same error when I disable SSL on the server:

If SSL is disabled then hostssl lines in pg_hba.conf effectively become
no-ops --- they can never be matched since no incoming connection will
be SSL-ified.  So that part of it sounds reasonable to me.  (Perhaps we
could log some kind of complaint in this case, though the easy places
to put in such a message would generate an unacceptably large number of
repetitions of the message :-()

But, when I put the trust line back with hostssl, I do not get connected as
per her original indication.

Please be clearer about what you mean here --- Jeanna *was* able to
connect in this case, if I'm not totally confused.

Sorry, Tom. I should have been more clear. I was trying to reproduce her problem by leaving ssl=off in the postgresql.conf (as if she didn't restart postgres after the pg_hba.conf change), to see if the hostssl line magically became a host line. But, she later indicated that she saw the SSL encryption info in the psql line when she got connected with this method, so that kind of ruled that out. See my later e-mail where I tried lots of different methods.

I suppose it's also possible there is a host all all trust line later in the pg_hba.conf that it's falling through and hitting, but I think your .pgpass theory is the best.

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