We're looking for HA PostgreSQL solution,so have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible for multiply PostgreSQL instances (engines,cores) to use same DATA space? For example,to have two PostgreSQL processes which will use same data directory,same files,and same data ? So,if You update some data in some table over postmaster1,the process which uses connection to postmaster2 will 'see' the exact same data in the same table ?

2. Becouse of vaccuming issues,is it possible to create such a client process which will use two identical tables,and on receiving a signal,it will switch between those tables.For example,first a client application uses table1,after some time,send a signal to process,it will switch using table2,so You can freely vacuum table1 or whatsoever.After vacuuming done,table 1 will sinchronize with table2 and keep up-to-date until You send next signal to application,which will switch using table1,so You can vacuum table2.

If any one has any ideas,thoughts ?



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