Josh Berkus wrote:
> Henry,
>> Sun demonstrated that you could build the existing Kerberos support
>> with the current Solaris 11 beta's.  They opened the "native" MIT
>> Kerberos API for outside use.
> Yes, and this will be available via the supported version in Solaris 10 
> Update 
> 4.  
> However, that doesn't change that some people would like us to support 
> and there may be some benefit (additional applications, better network 
> authentication, etc.) for doing so.  If we can get additional programmers to 
> code the support (i.e. Sun, JPL) I don't see any reason not to support the 
> *additional* authentication methods.

Is there any reason why we haven't built a generic authentication API?
Something like PAM, except cross platform?

Joshua D. Drake


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