On Mon, 2 Oct 2006, Hiroshi Saito wrote:

> Hi.
> I think that it has forgotten for VS2005-express to add path of SDK by myself.
> http://www.winpg.jp/~saito/VS2005/VS2005_Include.png
> http://www.winpg.jp/~saito/VS2005/VS2005_Library.png
> Do I mistake your meaning?

I have the platform sdk directories in the dialogs cited, at least I think
in the dialogs cited, since I can't read them ;)  And they work ok in the
gui, just not from the command prompt.

> Regards,
> Hiroshi Saito
> > I switched to short paths in the INCLUDE env var, but it seems to just
> > ignore it.  I'll have to look around for how to deal with this, but for now
> > perhaps the gui will work ok.  Is there anything that needs to happen
> > post-compile that may not get done if I use the gui?
> Nope. build.bat pretty much just calls mkvcbuild.pl (to generate the
> project files), and then calls msbuild to build all the project files -
> the exactly same way the GUI does it. (Or it's supposed to be exactly
> the same way). Nothing more. So GUI building is just fine, just not
> automated.
> //Magnus
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