Tom Lane wrote:
Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Given the time that has been spent working around
the braindamaged behavior of qsort() on various platforms, I would be
more inclined to *always* use our qsort() instead of the platform's


I propose that we do the following:

1. Switch to using port/qsort.c all the time.

  1.5 Move it to another directory - e.g. backend/utils/sort?

2. Add a "qsort_arg" function that is identical to qsort except it also
   passes a void pointer through to the comparison function.  This will
   allow us to get rid of the non-reentrant static variable and extra
   level of function call in tuplesort.c.
3. Insert a CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS() call as was requested back in July.
   With glibc out of the way, there's no longer a reason to fear memory
   leakage from cancelling a sort.

  4. replace KR function definition by the ANSI style :-)

        regards Zdenek

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