> >> The point was, that >= 2.2 won't be allowed when it comes out
> for
> >> win32, even if it should work.
> > Right. So I'd update it once we see a working version other than
> 1.875.
> No, we should ship it that way to start with.  Otherwise we're
> going to get caught with no released source code that will allow
> 2.2.
> A look at ftp.gnu.org says that 2.2 was released 19-May-2006 and
> 2.3 was released 05-Jun-2006.  So it's not like these versions are
> fresh off the boat.  I think it's safe to assume that someone will
> bother to compile them for Windows, probably sooner not later.
> We should be making sure our code works with them, rather than
> making sure it doesn't.

Ok. So what you want is something that checks that it's >=1.875 but
specifically not 2.1? 

Might be a while before I can submit an updated patch for that, may need
to rewrite the whole script in perl to do that :-( .bat files are
horribly limited in what they can do.


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