> > For win32, we set the stacksize in src/backend/Makefile with 
> > "-Wl,--stack=4194304". So we know at build time what it is, if that 
> > helps you...
> Well, I can just wire that value into get_stack_depth_rlimit, 
> I suppose, but it sounds crocky. 

If we do, we probably move it to a define (which could just be in the
Makefile) so we don't accidenally change one without the other, no?

> There's no way to tell at runtime what value was set?

None that I know of, and none that I can find in a quick search of the
API docs. A google shows up a couple of references to other people
saying it can't be done. (Other than opening your own EXE file and
manually parsing the PE header, but that seems at least as bad..) For
example, see the discussion aobut stack attributes at


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