Mark Woodward wrote:
>> Mark,
>>> No one could expect that this could happen by 8.2, or the release after
>>> that, but as a direction for the project, the "directors" of the
>>> PostgreSQL project must realize that the dump/restore is becomming like
>>> the old locking vacuum problem. It is a *serious* issue for PostgreSQL
>>> adoption and arguably a real design flaw.
>> "directors"?  (looks around)  Nobody here but us chickens, boss.
>> If you're really interested in pg_upgrade, you're welcome to help out.
>> Gavin
>> Sherry, Zdenek, and Jonah Harris are working on it (the last separately,
>> darn
>> it).
> This is the most frustrating thing, I *wan't* to do these things, but I
> can't find any companies that are willing to pay me to do it, and having
> kids, I don't have the spare time to do it.

Well that pretty much sums it up doesn't. If the people / users that
want this feature, want it bad enough -- they will cough up the money to
get it developed.

If not.... then it likely won't happen because for most users in place
upgrades really isn't a big deal.

Joshua D. Drake


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