Hi everyone,

I have now resumed producing daily results of dbt-3 against PostgreSQL CVS code at the 10 GB scale factor with results here:

I'm currently only running the load the power test because of the amount of time it takes to run through the power test. The load test finishes within an hour while a power test finished in about 14 hours. Additionally the refresh streams are not executed. The two longest running queries are currently Q9 (~ 7 hours) and Q21 (~ 3 hours).

EXPLAIN output can be found for each individual query by following the "Power Test" then "query plans" links on the bottom of a test result's page. EXPLAIN ANALYZE output can be found on the "query results" link under the "query plans" link.

I'm still working on generating a more concise iostat report but a description of the disk layout can be found on the url listed above.


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