> Mark,
> First off, I'm going to request that you (and other people) stop hijacking
> Simon's thread on hypothetical indexes.   Hijacking threads is an
> effective way to get your ideas rejected out of hand, just because the
> people whose thread you hijacked are angry with you.
> So please observe the thread split, thanks.
>> Well, if it would get rejected if it looked like Oracle, assuming you
>> would probably be one of the people rejecting it, what do you envision
>> as not being rejected?
> Something "better than Oracle".
> Since you're the one who wants hints, that's kind of up to you to define.
> Write a specification and make a proposal.

What is the point of writing a proposal if there is a threat of "will be
rejected" if one of the people who would do the rejection doesn't at least
outline what would be acceptable?

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