Douglas Toltzman wrote:
The subject line says it all.

I just completed a build, test, and install of PostgreSQL 8.1.4 on an Intel Mac with OS 10.4.8. Every single step executed flawlessly, and all 98 tests passed, running the regression tests.

Just for info - there is an automated build farm that tests building each version on different systems. It is at You can view the results page and see what systems have compiled each version of postgres and what results they got.
A machine with OSX 10.4.7 on Intel is in the farm.
If you are interested in joining the build farm and have your machine regularly building and sending feedback then you can find details at the site.

I've got a suggestion for the documentation (INSTALL file). I may be the only person in the world who does everything backwards, but my first attempt at regression tests failed because I had already started the postmaster. I know that's pretty stupid, but I had to scratch my head for a few minutes when it said initdb failed, and left me no clue as to why. You might add a note in with the instructions for regression testing to shutdown the server before running the tests. It does say, after all, that you can run them any time!

I have seen this gotcha several times but haven't pinpointed why. (I may sit down and nut it out one day)

With no postgres running there is no problem but with a version of postgres running I have found the results vary.
One day I can make check and have a problem the next it will run fine.
(today it is working(day before yesterday make check on 8.1.5 didn't))

p.s. I noticed I am a build behind, but I would think that 8.1.5 would give 
similar results.

As 8.1.5 was only released a couple of days ago I wouldn't say you are behind yet.


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