Michael Paesold wrote:
Not being subscribed to any more appropriate list, I post this here on hackers.

I just wanted to download the postgresql-8.0.9 tarball. The page I got was this:

Choose a download mirror
Downloading: /source/v8.0.9/postgresql-8.0.9.tar.gz
We could not query the database or no mirrors could be found!
Download PostgreSQL from the primary site
Read this if you would like to host a mirror.

Of course the primary FTP site is already unavailable (530 - maximum number of users reached).

I get the same error for older releases, too. Can someone look into this?

Your seeing a general overload problem - with new versions just released everyone is jumping on and downloading at the same time.

Indicates that the popularity of PostgreSQL is at a level where the current resources are reaching thier limits and more mirror sites may be needed.

I haven't noticed any torrent files for postgreSQL releases - maybe we can look into setting this up to share the load, particularly around release times.


Shane Ambler

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