> Not being subscribed to any more appropriate list, I post 
> this here on hackers.
> I just wanted to download the postgresql-8.0.9 tarball. The 
> page I got was this:
> Choose a download mirror
> Downloading: /source/v8.0.9/postgresql-8.0.9.tar.gz
> We could not query the database or no mirrors could be found!
> Download PostgreSQL from the primary site Read this if you 
> would like to host a mirror.
> Of course the primary FTP site is already unavailable (530 - 
> maximum number of users reached).
> I get the same error for older releases, too. Can someone 
> look into this?

Thanks for reporting this. It has now been fixed - it was a problem with
the mirror checking script being fooled by a temporary file that
couldn't be removed because it was owned by the wrong user. Db is
updating now, all mirrors should be back in 10 minutes or so.

(Man, it's convenient with wireless internet on the airplane


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