Tom Lane wrote:
> "Gurjeet Singh" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> Please refer to the following link for a new algorithm to calculate
> >> CRC, developed by Intel.
> >> 
> >>
> I can't help wondering what the patent status of this algorithm is.
> (This from a guy who still remembers very well how Unisys published the
> LZW algorithm in a manner that made it look like it was free for anyone
> to use...)

This article

seems to imply it's provided "free".  It doesn't say anything about
being free of patents though.

The Sourceforge project referred to in the article (but for which no
link is given) seems to be this one:

The "files" section contains a zip archive, inside which there are three
source files all of which state that the package, which is (c) Intel
Corp. 2004-2006, is released under the BSD license, with this URL:

Again, no mention of patents anywhere.

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