Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Hmm, maybe it should be using regprocedure instead?
> Not unless you want to break initdb.  The only reason regproc still
> exists, really, is to accommodate loading of pg_type during initdb.
> Guess what: we can't do type lookup at that point.

I was thinking in the copied-out table, which not necessarily has to be
pg_aggregate.  I just tried, and it works to do this:

alvherre=# create table pg_aggregate2 (aggfnoid regprocedure, aggtransfn
alvherre(# regprocedure, aggfinalfn regprocedure, aggsortop oid, aggtranstype 
alvherre(# agginitval text);
alvherre=# insert into pg_aggregate2 select * from pg_aggregate;
INSERT 0 114
alvherre=# create table test (like pg_aggregate2);
alvherre=# copy pg_aggregate2 to '/tmp/pg_agg.out';
COPY 114
alvherre=# copy test from '/tmp/pg_agg.out';
COPY 114

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