Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I'm playing with catalog upgrade. The very basic idea of my experiment is export data from catalog and import it back to the new initialized/fresh catalog.

That is never going to work, at least not for any interesting catalogs.
A system with a "fresh" (I assume you mean empty) pg_proc, for instance,
is non functional.

No empty, fresh initialized by initdb. I want to copy only "user data" which is not created during boostrap.

A much bigger problem, if you're thinking of this as a component step
of pg_upgrade, is that you can't use anything at the COPY level of
detail because it will fail if the new version wants a different catalog
layout --- for instance, if someone's added a column to the catalog.

Yes, I know about it. It is not problem, I want to prepare "shadow" catalog with new structure on old database in separate schema and adjust data in these tables. After it I want to make final COPY - data will be copied with correct structure.

The right way to implement pg_upgrade is to transfer the catalog data
at the SQL-command level of abstraction, ie, "pg_dump -s" and reload.

I'm not sure if it is important, but I think that preserve OID is important and SQL level does not allow set OID.


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