we've some trouble with buildinq postgreSQL (8.1.4.tar.gz) from code with Mingw 
on a windows xp home machine.

My experience is that XP-Pro is a better platform for building postgres than XP-HE.

We've  installed mingw 5.0.3 and msys 1.0.10.
>From the msys console we've typed the following command:
$ LDFLAGS=-lstdc++ configure --without-zlib

Why are you trying to link in this library? That seems dangerous, to say the least.

and that's seems ok.
then we do:
the outcome is the following:

Paolo [EMAIL PROTECTED] /d/msys/1.0/home/src/postgresql-8.1.4

Why did you not install msys and mingw in the standard locations and then just use the standard paths (/usr, /home etc).



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