Am 15.11.2006 um 15:34 schrieb Gurjeet Singh:
.) The SELECTs in the pg_advise are returning wrong results, when the same index is suggested twice, because of the SUM() aggregates.
I don't think that this is a bug. If the same index is recommended for two different queries it will appear two times in pg_indexadvisor. So, if you want to calculate the overall benefit of this index, then you have to sum up the local benefits for each query.

.) I doubt that on a table t(a,b), for a suggestion of idx(b,a), pg_advise will
    suggest idx(a,b);
?? Not sure, if I understand you right. idx(b,a) and idx(a,b) are completely different indexes. Why should pg_advise suggest idx(a,b). But there is another bug: if there are recommendations like idx (a,b,c), idx(a,b) and idx(a) it would be a good idea to create just idx(a). I will add this to pg_advise as an optional feature.


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