Ted Petrosky wrote:
Thanks for the reply.... at last nights cocoahead meeting in NYC I asked and found a solution for libpq.a.

1. config and make on a ppc
2. config and make on intel

copy and rename the libpq.a from each system to a common directory and run 'lipo' on them:

lipo libpqppc.a libpqintel.a -output libpq.a

lipo will create the universal binary

Yeah - I looked at that option, but as I only have a G4 Powerbook at present I'd need to cross compile the intel version, and I couldn't get that to work at all!

The method I gave, while a little hacky, does work well and is pretty straightforward. It's also probably the only way that would be practical to build and install the whole tarball in a vaguely normal way (assuming there weren't other issues preventing the build completing).

Regards, Dave

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