Chris Browne wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (dakotali kasap) writes:
>> I want to ask, which development environment should I use to add new
>> features to postgresql. Is Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tool)
>> suitable for this, or are you using another environment, or just
>> using pico, vi, etc.?
> I can't speak for you.  I find my competence is maximized when I'm
> using Emacs; others find other sets of tools preferable.  The code
> doesn't care what tool you're best with.
> - There are people who will swear by vi + ctags.
> - There are some who still use QED.  (Albeit not for this project...)
>    <>
>   (These would be extreme Unix partisans who think that the move from
>   ed to vi was a Bad Thing...  :-))
> - Others prefer some form of Emacs.
> - One of my coworkers I think uses pico for most things; he's not keen
>   on either of the typical Unix editors.

Higher end IDEs tend to work best with some sort of project setup. If we
were  to support that it would be impossible - we'd forever have breakage.
We support exactly the toolset needed to build postgres, and let you
choose your own creation and management tools.

There are plenty of emacs users among the hackers, and it's possible to
set up emacs to drive building, debugging, the whole thing. For the most
part I just use its editing facities, and drive everything else from the
command line.



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