On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 12:59:28PM +0100, Zeugswetter Andreas ADI SD wrote:
> How do you attach fast enough, so not all is over before you are able to
> attach ?
> I'd like to debug initdb failure on Windows (postgres executable not
> found) when 
> running make check with disabled is_admin check and --prefix=/postgres
> in msys.

When running initdb under gdb, you step over the PG_CMD_OPEN;. At that
point the backend is started, but hasn't done anything yet, so you can
attach to it. The backend stays until the next PG_CMD_CLOSE;

As someone pointed out, sleep works also.

> The program "postgres" is needed by initdb but was not found in the
> same directory as
> "j:/postgres/src/test/regress/./tmp_check/install/postgres/bin/initdb".

No idea about that, the binary *should* be there...

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