Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Gregory Stark wrote:
I've been fooling with catalog entries here and I've obviously done something
wrong. But I'm a bit frustrated trying to debug initdb. Because of the way it
starts up the database in a separate process I'm finding it really hard to
connect to the database and get a backtrace. And the debugging log is being
spectacularly unhelpful in not telling me where the problem is.

Are there any tricks people have for debugging bootstrapping processing? I
just need to know what index it's trying to build here and that should be
enough to point me in the right direction:

creating template1 database in /var/tmp/db7/base/1 ... FATAL:  could not create 
unique index
DETAIL:  Table contains duplicated values.

One easy thing to try is to use -n (noclean) and then start a standalone
backend on the borked dir and issue the commands that initdb was feeding
at that point (usually embedded in the initdb source).

This step actually runs the BKI file, so it's not embedded in the initdb code. The other thing with this procedure is to clean up any partial data left behind first, i.e. clean the global and base/1 directories. Apart from that it should work fine, I think - probably something like:

 gdb postgres
   set args -boot -x1 -F -d 5 template1
   run < /path/to/bkifile



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