On Mon, 18 Dec 2006, Gregory Stark wrote:

> I've been fooling with catalog entries here and I've obviously done something
> wrong. But I'm a bit frustrated trying to debug initdb. Because of the way it
> starts up the database in a separate process I'm finding it really hard to
> connect to the database and get a backtrace. And the debugging log is being
> spectacularly unhelpful in not telling me where the problem is.
> Are there any tricks people have for debugging bootstrapping processing? I
> just need to know what index it's trying to build here and that should be
> enough to point me in the right direction:
> creating template1 database in /var/tmp/db7/base/1 ... FATAL:  could not 
> create unique index
> DETAIL:  Table contains duplicated values.

Not much fun. Run src/include/catalog/duplicate_oids first.



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