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O.k. in all Bruce I like your article but I must admit it seems to take
a "The community is god" perspective and that we must all bend to the
will of said community.
I'm not really in a position to judge how a company thinks about
"donating  resources" to a project, but I certainly think that Bruce'
standpoint is correct, and that the community is *indeed* the driver of
a project;  if a company doesn't like how the community deals with
their requirements/needs they can just maintain their own branch.

The community could learn a great deal from adopting some of the more
common business practices when it comes to development as well.

In short, I guess I think it is important to recognize that both are
partners in the open source world and that to ignore one over the other
is destined to fail.
Do you have any statistical data to back that hypothesis?


Joshua D. Drake

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