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I think my overall thought is the tone seems a bit non-gracious to
companies, when IMO the community should be actively courting companies
to give resources. If companies feel unwelcome, they won't give.
I appreciate that, but then Bruce' aim was (or at least that's how I
interpreted it) to point out difficulties that he as a long time member of
the postgres hacker community sees;  it would be a bit weird to expect
him to write something from the perspective of a company (even though
he conceivably could as an employee of enterprisedb).

Of which, the community learning or my take that if we ignore one over
the other it is destined to fail?
I meant the failure bit, sorry for the poor quoting.

I don't really want to bring up the first point as it has been hashed
over and over. It lends to the project management, todo list, milestone
debacle :)

The second point is that if the community ignores the company trying to
give resources, the company is likely to ignore the community and thus
we both fail (and vice versa).
I guess it depends on how you define "fail" for a group that hasn't
set its mind on making profit.


Joshua D. Drkae

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