On Sat, 23 Dec 2006, Tom Lane wrote:

> Ah-hah, I've sussed it.  sqlchar_to_unicode() calls the
> mb2wchar_with_len converters, which are defined to return a *null
> terminated* pg_wchar string.  So even if you only ask for the conversion
> of a single character, you need a 2-pg_wchar array to hold the result,
> and that wasn't being allocated.  So the code was clobbering a word of
> stack space that evidently is critical on some machines and not others.
> Fix committed, please see if it works for you now.

The buildfarm run seems to be green now.  I am compiling a sandbox to test
it manually now, but I'm pretty sure that fixed it.  Yep, the make check
works there too...

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