Hi all,
I'm new to the forums, so bear with me on my questions. I've set up an
auto-archive and auto-recover pair of databases using pg_standby, which
I'm prototyping various products for high availability. I've noticed
that when I attempt to fail from the primary archiver to the secondary
recovery db using the pg_standby trigger file, the secondary detects the
trigger file, flags that it couldn't read the current WAL file
pg_standby was waiting on, then attempts to read in the previous WAL
file. I use the -m option in pg_standby, so the previous WAL file no
longer exists, which causes the secondary postgres to "panic" on not
being able to open the previous WAL and terminates. Is there a way to
prevent the looking for the previous, or preserving the previous WAL
file so that when the trigger file is detected, the secondary will come
all the way up, completely its recovery mode? 

Doug Knight

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