>               1
>       (1 row)
>       test=> COMMIT;
>       COMMIT
> I think you can make the case that this should be an error, or at least
> that's how it got on the TODO list.  I can always remove it if people
> don't want the item completed.

Well I can tell you that my customers who are postgresql users ;) would
howl in fury if we did that. They are already significantly irritated
that certain errors are so strict. E.g.,

postgres=# BEGIN;
postgres=# ALTER TABLE baz ADD COLUMN bar text;
ERROR:  relation "baz" does not exist
postgres=# SELECT * FROM foo;
ERROR:  current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of
transaction block

You do not need to argue with me about the purpose :), I understand why
it is just really frustrating for many users.

I would say that a GUC variable for such behavior as listed in the TODO
is overzealous. We should either enforce it, or not. As we do not now,
there is no reason imo to change it.


Joshua D. Drake


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