Tom Lane wrote:
> Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>> Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>>> ... Maybe something is causing a dramatic
>>>> increase in memory usage that is causing the random failures (in impalas
>>>> case the OOM-killer actually decides to terminate the postmaster) ?
>>> No, most all the failures I've looked at are sig11 not sig9.
>> hmm - still weird and I would not actually consider impala a resource
>> starved box (especially when compared to other buildfarm-members) so
>> there seems to be something strange going on.
> Actually ... one way that a "memory overconsumption" bug could manifest
> as sig11 would be if it's a runaway-recursion issue: usually you get sig11
> when the machine's stack size limit is exceeded.  This doesn't put us
> any closer to localizing the problem, but at least it's a guess about
> the cause?

that sounds like a possibility though I'm not too optimistic this is
indeed the cause of the problem we see.

> I wonder whether there's any way to get the buildfarm script to report a
> stack trace automatically if it finds a core file left behind in the
> $PGDATA directory after running the tests.  Would something like this
> be adequately portable?
>       if [ -f $PGDATA/core* ]
>       then
>               echo bt | gdb $installdir/bin/postgres $PGDATA/core*
>       fi

hmmm - not sure I like that that much

> Obviously it'd fail if no gdb available, but that seems pretty harmless.
> The other thing that we'd likely need is an explicit "ulimit -c
> unlimited" for machines where core dumps are off by default.

there are other issues with that - gdb might be available but not
actually producing reliable results on certain platforms (some
commercial unixes,windows).

The thing we might might want to do is the buildfarm script overriding
keep_error_builds=0 conditionally in some cases (like detecting a core).

That way we will at least have a useful buildtree for later
examination(which would be removed even if we get a one-time stacktrace
and keep_error_builds is disabled)


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