Tom Lane wrote:

> Actually ... one way that a "memory overconsumption" bug could manifest
> as sig11 would be if it's a runaway-recursion issue: usually you get sig11
> when the machine's stack size limit is exceeded.  This doesn't put us
> any closer to localizing the problem, but at least it's a guess about
> the cause?
> I wonder whether there's any way to get the buildfarm script to report a
> stack trace automatically if it finds a core file left behind in the
> $PGDATA directory after running the tests.  Would something like this
> be adequately portable?
>       if [ -f $PGDATA/core* ]
>       then
>               echo bt | gdb $installdir/bin/postgres $PGDATA/core*
>       fi

gdb has a "batch mode" which can be useful:

        if [ -f $PGDATA/core* ]
                gdb -ex "bt" --batch $installdir/bin/postgres $PGDATA/core*

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