On 12/29/06, Stephen Frost wrote:

So, Debian is distributing an application (exim4 w/ libpq & libssl)
which includes GPL code (exim4) combined with code under another license
(BSD w/ advertising clause) which *adds additional restrictions* (the
advertising clause) over those in the GPL, which is against the terms of
the GPL.  It's *Debian's* problem, but *PostgreSQL* can solve it by
providing the option to link against GNUTLS instead.

In the case above, exim4 *can* provide an exception because it's the
*GPL* of *exim4* which is being violated by the advertising clause in
the *OpenSSL* license.  Which exim4 upstream has *done*, and which can
be seen in their license (linked to previously in this thread).

Considering that the problem is caused by the choice for a license so
restrictive it prohibits linking to OpenSSL, I think a license
exception in said restrictive license is exactly the right way for
Debian to solve their problem.


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