Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Robert Treat wrote:
>> > 5) GNUTLS does not run well under all of our supported platforms.
>> >
>> given options like --enable-dtrace and --with-libedit-preferred, I don't
>> find
>> this argument compelling...
> Keep in mind it took years to get OpenSSL support up to the level we
> have it now.  It took SSL experts coming in and out of our development
> process to get it 100% feature-complete.  Doing this for another
> library, I am afraid, isn't trivial, unlike the above options.

Not only that, but in every other case of an extra library, it provides us
either with more platform support (e.g. libedit) or more functionality
(e.g. dtrace). That's not the case here - we would simply be supporting
another way of getting the same functionality on platforms where we
already have a library that supports it.



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